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15.10.2018 Anna Kivijärvi

Overweight and fertility – why do we need to talk about weight

“Why do we always have to talk about this?” This is a question that many patients ask when an infertility doctor brings up overweight and the need to lose weight at the surgery. It is an understandable and human reaction. Someone invades a patient’s privacy while the debate about the health risks associated with being…

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15.2.2018 Ovumia Fertinova

The outline of my story with donor egg treatment

Our infertility story began back in 2006 when we started trying for a baby. A year later in March 2007 my husband and I made an appointment at the Ava-klinikka, now known as Ovumia Fertinova. This is our shared story, but I’m writing this from my own point of view.

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1.2.2018 Päivi Virta

Donating eggs is very important

This year, Helsinki-based Camilla (name changed) decided to become an egg donor. Camilla sees egg donation as a good, rewarding act that in some ways is comparable to being a blood donor: only a slight inconvenience for the donor, but a huge source of joy and perhaps a new life for many families.

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