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9.11.2018 Päivi Virta

Are you considering undergoing donor egg treatment in Finland?

More and more people from abroad are undergoing donor egg –based infertility treatments in Finland. At Ovumia Fertinova, you can start the process at your earliest convenience. Patient coordinator, mid-wife Päivi Virta is there to assist you every step of the way. With 26 years of experience in the international field, no question is too…

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8.11.2018 Karin Rosenstein

In Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, donor gamete treatments are affordable and quickly available

Sister company to the Finnish Ovumia Fertinova, fertility clinic Nova Vita offers high-quality donor sperm, donor egg and embryo donation treatments also for foreign customers. Extensive information on the donors is available if the gametes are ordered from gamete banks that hold a cooperation agreement with Nova Vita. The Nova Vita clinic in Tallinn has…

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2.11.2018 Johanna Aaltonen

Total fertility rate declining – Fertility Check-up may prevent involuntary infertility

Fertility Check-up is particularly well suited to those who are dreaming about having children now or in the future and for those who are not yet sure whether they want children. It is great to be alive in a time with clearly improved wellbeing and opportunities to build the life you want. Women, as well…

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