Laboratory and preimplantation genetic diagnosis

30.1.2019 Peter Bredbacka

From a pioneer in bovine embryo diagnostics to an expert in human embryos

Almost 30 years ago, Ovumia Fertinova’s R&D Director and PGT specialist Peter Bredbacka invented a method for the sex determination of bovine embryos using a simple test. He now uses the expertise he has garnered over the years to help people suffering from infertility and those at risk of having a baby with a serious…

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29.1.2019 Peter Bredbacka

Please forgive me my errors

I have my errors, I can’t deny it. Sometimes these errors make it difficult to get pregnant or can cause serious genetic disorders. PGT-A and PGT-M are modern methods of embryo diagnostics used to detect and avoid genetic errors. I’m sure you know something about me, or at least have heard about me. You probably…

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