2.11.2018 Johanna Aaltonen

Total fertility rate declining – Fertility Check-up may prevent involuntary infertility

Fertility Check-up is particularly well suited to those who are dreaming about having children now or in the future and for those who are not yet sure whether they want children. It is great to be alive in a time with clearly improved wellbeing and opportunities to build the life you want. Women, as well…

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15.10.2018 Anna Kivijärvi

Overweight and fertility – why do we need to talk about weight

“Why do we always have to talk about this?” This is a question that many patients ask when an infertility doctor brings up overweight and the need to lose weight at the surgery. It is an understandable and human reaction. Someone invades a patient’s privacy while the debate about the health risks associated with being…

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1.11.2017 Jarna Moilanen

On the safety of fertility treatments

I have been fortunate to have been able to follow the development and trends within the field of infertility since 1990. I started out as a medical student doing my final studies, and later continued as a physician. In the beginning of the 90’s the coverage of infertility clinics was poor, and couples had to…

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