In Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, donor gamete treatments are affordable and quickly available

8.11.2018 Karin Rosenstein

In Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, donor gamete treatments are affordable and quickly available

Sister company to the Finnish Ovumia Fertinova, fertility clinic Nova Vita offers high-quality donor sperm, donor egg and embryo donation treatments also for foreign customers. Extensive information on the donors is available if the gametes are ordered from gamete banks that hold a cooperation agreement with Nova Vita.

The Nova Vita clinic in Tallinn has all the latest treatments available for treating infertility. The options in treatments with donor gametes include the clinic’s own egg and sperm banks, fresh donor eggs and third-party gamete banks. The Estonian act “Assisted Fertilization and Protection of the Embryo” decrees that the following information about the donor may be provided to the recipient: ethnic origin, height, colour of eyes and hair, nationality, education, physique, marital status and whether the donor has biological children of their own.

If the customer decides, together with Nova Vita’s experts, to use a third-party gamete bank, more information may be available on the donor. For example, the customer may be able to read about the donor’s character, interests and hobbies and to view their handwriting and listen to their voice. In some banks, a childhood photograph of the donor is also available. The clinic only has access to information about the donor in accordance with the Estonian act “Assisted Fertilization and Protection of the Embryo”. Nova Vita also offers embryo donations (also known as full donations), where appropriate donor eggs are fertilized with selected donor sperm. In such cases, especially, customers often appreciate the opportunity to learn more about the donors’ characteristics.




Nova Vita’s Patient Coordinator, midwife Tiina Lille, will help you to arrange your donor gamete treatments and will support you throughout the process.


In Estonia, all donors are non-contact/anonymous ones. This means that the future child potentially resulting from the treatments will not be able to find out the donor’s identity or to contact them. However, if the customer decides to use the gametes of a non-anonymous (open) donor from a third-party bank, the child will be able to find out the identity of the donor after coming of age. In this case the child contacts the bank directly by him/herself. Under no circumstances do the donors have any rights or obligations as regards the children resulting from the treatments.

Safe, high-quality treatments

Nova Vita’s laboratory is the only IVF laboratory in Estonia with the medical ISO15189 quality certification. The clinic has been cooperating with Ovumia Fertinova since 2015. With the help of Finnish colleagues’, the own egg bank has been set up at Nova Vita and as a result, it is now possible to use donor eggs directly from Nova Vita’s egg bank. This enables patients to have egg donor treatment fast and on most convenient time for them. It is possible to use fresh donor eggs as well but in that case the procedure needs more time for planning as the menstrual cycles of donor and receiver must be synchronized.

Donor gamete treatments carried out at Nova Vita are extremely safe and of high quality. All donors are subject to stringent screenings where they are tested for several genetic and infectious diseases. In addition, their suitability as a donor is ensured through a thorough interview. Nova Vita’s donors are young, healthy, non-smoking and Nordic looking women and men. Egg donors are between the ages of 20 and 30 and the sperm donors between the ages of 18 and 35. In Estonia, the upper age limit for donor gamete treatments is 50.

Affordable prices and easy accessibility

Donor gamete treatments at Nova Vita are comparatively low-priced. An insemination using sperm from Nova Vita’s own sperm bank costs €590 and an in vitro fertilisation treatment with Nova Vita’s donor sperm costs €2,345. A donor egg treatment using eggs from the clinic’s own egg bank will cost between €5,290 and €5,995, and an embryo donation (i.e. full donation) will cost between €5,640 and €6,345. Note that the prices may vary over time. See the current price list here.

Nova Vita is located a 20-minute drive away from the Tallinn harbour and a 10-minute drive from the Tallinn airport. The clinic is easy to access by car, bus or taxi. If you want to know more about the donor gamete treatments carried out in Tallinn, Nova Vita’s expert staff are always happy to help!

No matter how big or small your question is, please don’t hesitate to contact our Patient Coordinator, midwife Tiina Lille (English, Finnish and Russian):

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Nova Vita Tallinn

Estonia’s leading fertility clinic
About 600 treatment cycles per year
Quality-certified operation (ISO15189)
Active donor programme and the clinic’s own gamete banks
Modern facilities

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Written by:
Karin Rosenstein
Liisa Viirmaa
Peeter Karits
Elle Talving
Tiina Lille
Päivi Virta
Pekka Sillanaukee
Anna-Maija Kakkonen

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