2.10.2016 Pekka Sillanaukee

Modern fertility treatments (IVF, ICSI, FET) are effective

Infertility is increasing rapidly all over the western world. In Finland, for example, 27 % of 35-year-old women and 40 % of men are childless (Statistics Finland). Many of them would like to have children, and more and more people actively seek help from fertility clinics. In vitro fertilisation and new methods developed from it…

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26.9.2016 Candido Tomás

Roadshow to Fertility Clinics in Sweden

Ovumia and Nova Vita personnel had a great road trip to Sweden in September, 2016. We met several clinics and exchanged our experiences about the modern infertility treatments.

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28.7.2016 Candido Tomás

Hoping for a child?

Having children is a natural part of life. It can seem unbelievable that almost one out of every five couples has trouble having children. Unfortunately it is true, and there are tens of thousands of couples in Finland who are finding it difficult to conceive. Fertility problems seem to be steadily increasing in society. Due…

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